About Us

Welcome to Jastrip.com!

We are excited to have you on our site and love that you share the same passion and curiosity for travel as we do.

We started Jastrip.com to share our passion for travelling with you. We love to be on the road, whether that means on the beautiful clean streets of Singapore, hopping between trendy coffee shops in New York or riding vintage rickshaws in old Delhi, exploring colorful cultures and meeting new people are truly experiences we thrive on and can’t get enough of. After many exciting travels to worldwide destinations, we thought why not share it with all of you?!

Whenever the chance to travel presents itself, we hop on. And our journeys will all be presented here for you to enjoy. You can expect professional stories on historic landmarks, happening restaurants, adrenalin kicking activities and insights to the people we meet around the globe.

At Jastrip.com we want to inspire you!

Please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions or comments you might have.

In the meantime: Enjoy Jastrip.com, your window to the world.

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