Night Out In …. Clarke Quay, Singapore

Fine dining, extravagant shows, a buzzing nightlife and perfect weather. That is the recipe for a great night out in Singapore – every day of the year. In this sunshine capital, a night out will definitely entail tremendous amounts of fun.

Across the river from Clarke QuayThe busiest area at night, and especially during the weekends, is Clarke Quay. Whether it is a stroll along the riverside, an exotic meal, trendy clubs or barhopping until the early hours, Clarke Quay is the most happening spot in Singapore.  It is a very well architected hang out which includes a ton of bars, restaurants, and clubs all in one place. The food choices Bellydancer outside an Arabic Shisha Bar in Clarke Key, Singaporeinclude pretty much everything you can imagine and the prices range widely depending on where you go.

Multiculturalism surrounds Singapore, and plays a vital role in the everyday life in this beautiful city, even in Clarke Quay. There are a Clarke Quay - Locals hanging out and drinkingnumber of Arabic bars/restaurants that offer great food, belly dancing, and hookah, or Indian Clubs that offer the latest Bollywood and Bhangra music to get down too. If you are into branching out and trying new scenes, be sure to find a new flavor and try to blend in.

For many locals, a night out is just that in Singapore. Drinking in public is allowed in Singapore, and it not uncommon to grab a beer from the local 7-Eleven, find a spot along Marina Bay Merlion Statue and Areathe river bank, and enjoy fun times with friends right then and there. You will find many locals in Singapore enjoying this very simple, yet very fun, way of going out. Even with thousands of people drinking and partying all around you, Singapore is incredibly safe and civilized. Kick bacc, drop the stereotypes of drunken teenagers, and focus on having a good time. Singaporeans make it easy.

Another hotspot in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands. This is more than just your average hotel. It offers splendid restaurants, many of them signed by celebrity chefs. The restaurants are nestled around the bay with views of the Marina Bay & Fullerton Hotel, the Merlion Statue, and Singapore’s gorgeous skyline.

On different occasions, the open space between the Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion is a popular venue for planned events and thrilling concerts. These events usually attract many locals. You can see crowds of teenagers dancing in the open areas. Remember; it is is all very safe, so don’t hesitate to join in the fun.

There are a few other spots worth checking out. Arab Street, Boat Key, Chinatown, Orchid Center and few others all offer great food and bar choices. These places are great for lunch as well, so you can squeeze all of these locations in a few days visit.

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2 Responses to Night Out In …. Clarke Quay, Singapore

  1. Denny H. says:

    Love the Marina Bay area, we are currently in Singapore .. So helpful article. The night safari is amazing too, we did that last night. Planning on Clarke quay this weekend!

    • jastrip team says:

      The night Safari is amazing. We had the chance to visit it as well, but have not had the chance to write an article on it. Enjoy your time in Singapore and you fun at Clarke Quay this weeked!

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