Romance in paradise…aka Udaipur

Looking to treat your better half to an unforgettable experience? The magic of Jag Mandir comes highly recommended.

Udaipur. Quite possibly one of the most romantic cities in the world. The stunning palaces and peaceful lakes set the perfect backdrop for indulging in the cities many romantic escapes.

Jag Mandir is one of these places. The rich history of the maharanas gleam royally in every corner of this beautiful palace in the midst of Lake Pichola.

Jag Mandir is built on an island and a charming little boat ride is required in order to reach this magnificent palace, also known as Lake Garden Palace. Visitors are greeted by eight majestic elephants, carved in stone, adorning the entrance. Once you walk onto the grounds of the Jag Mandir, the lush garden is a sight for sore eyes; Fountains and tiny water pools, rich flower beds and a large patch of greenery welcome visitors to the royal grounds. These grounds are also used for concerts and shows. Remember to check with the hotel whether something is on for when you plan to visit.

As with many outstanding architectural structures in Udaipur, the history of Jag Mandir history can be traced back to the 17th century. It was raised by Maharana Karan Singh, and served as a hiding place for Prince Khurram. What was once a royal residence, is today one of Udaipur’s most prominent tourist attractions. Visitors come from all corners of the world to visit this stunning former royal residence – both during day and night.

For those wanting to enjoy a blissful romantic evening out, take to Jag Mandir in the evening. The Darikhana restaurant at Jag Mandir plays host to a splendid evening of romance. Dining here is on the exclusive side, and a minimum spend is required. For those only in the mood for some drinks, there is a bar, which also caters to the shisha crowd.  Jag Mandir truly is majestic, and for all you Bollywood fans; Darikhana was the very place where renowned Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon got married.

So take to Jag Mandir, and enjoy the blissfully romantic atmosphere.

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