Breakfast In New York!

Breakfast at Norma'sThey say that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Nowhere is that more applicable than in New York City.

The sidewalks all across Manhattan are crowded with tiny one man coffee-, bagel-, and newspaper stands serving piping hot breakfast to the locals as they rush to work. These are suited business professionals on the run, in need of a quick and healthy bite. If you want to experience the local taste, get in line. But be wary of acting like a tourist and start snapping pictures. There is a code of conduct towards to New Yorkers, and you don’t mess with them before eight am.

If you want to do a sit down breakfast New York Style, head towards a local deli between seven and ten in the morning. These places are usually crowed with the business professionals tossing down breakfast. Whether they are prepping for the day ahead, having their morning meetings, interviewing with potential new clients, or getting ready for the markets to open, the delis are packed with a buzzing atmosphere.

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The places around Grand Central have a special charm to them, especially since it is a great meeting point for people working in midtown or travelling through it. If you get a chance drop by Naples 45 or Pershing Square, you will understand the vibe completely.

Now that we’ve done the local version, let us move onto the royal treats. The breakfasts which make NYC such a coveted spot for food lovers from across the globe. New York City is the perfect place for people looking to start the day with pure indulgence. And on your bucket list should be Norma’s at the Le Meridien. This restaurant is legendary, and people who have been here tend to talk about mouthwatering experiences. This restaurant is known for serving dessert-like-breakfasts, and they are getting away with it with the fit and trendy crowd. Norma’s is well known for its breakfast delights, and it would be a crime to miss it. Do not forget to make a reservation well in advance to get a spot and be a bit more relaxed with your wallet. Compared to the bagel stand right outside, serious damage to the bank account should be expected after exiting Norma’s. Totally worth every penny though. Norma’s also sells cookbooks with some of their most famous recipes, why not try replicating the dishes in your own kitchen.

Pancakes at The Mandarin OrientalAnother highly recommended site for a delicious breakfast is at the Mandarin Oriental’s Asiate restaurant. The 35th floor setting overlooking the greenery at central park is simply stunning and the food is nothing short of the ambience and the view. Asiate is also open for other meals, and the weekend brunch is also an option.

It is almost impossible to speak of an American breakfast without mentioning pancakes. This classic dish will easily be found on many menus across NYC. One of the most famous places for the ultimate pancakes, is the Brooklyn Diner. Forget about counting calories for one morning, and succumb to the delicious blueberry pancakes, with a side of fresh fruit.

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