Punta Del Este … Premium Playground of South America

Punta Del Este, a perfect playground for those who enjoy the feeling of crispy white sand between the toes. The beaches of this amazing city are nothing short of spectacular. In fact, the beaches are so nice that during the sizzling hot summers the population explodes from a mere 7300 people to an astounding 150,000 people. Which means busy beaches and bustling parties.

Montoyo Beach, La Barra, Punta Del EsteThere are many stretches of beaches to conquer, and chances are you probably will not go wrong with any of them. If you find a good spot, hold your ground.

While beach loving tourists enjoy the sandy grounds, Punta Del Este’s downtown area should also be on your bucket list. Punta Del Este literally means “Point of East”, however the interesting fact is that it is actually the Bridge from Punta Del Este to La Barrasouthernmost point in Uruguay. Naturally, if you are visiting Punta Del Este, a must do is to go see this point. Especially for the memorable sunsets. Club Hotel Casapueblo is worth a visit, either to take some pictures or for a great bite to eat. The Hotel is old Mediterranean style and overlooks Mansa beach.

Punta Del Este is a very modern looking city with tons of new apartment buildings that line the city’s coast. Gamblers will bask in Steakhouse, Punta Del Este, Uruguayexcitement and slot machines at the Conrad Hotel and Casino, the largest place for gambling in the city. Keep in mind that USD is used in the casino so don’t take out a bunch of local currency before heading there.

If you go east of downtown, you will get to La Barra. The area hosts a stretch of restaurants and coffee shops which are also surrounded by a bunch of homes. The beaches just past the little town are quite nice, and definitely worth a visit.

The Argentinean Steak houses are definitely worth a visit. Argentinians love Punta Del Este, and you can expect a series of great steak houses that cater to their taste.

Like most buzzing cities, Punta Del Este also has a large selection of hotels to choose from and the smaller boutique hotels are truly a delight. The boutique hotels are usually closer to the beaches and offer clean comfortable rooms.

So what are you waiting for? Uruguay is definitely waiting for you!

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