Seattle Best? Coffee…

Seattle’s weather gods are seldom happy, and often provide locals and visitors with foggy mornings, rainy afternoons and gloomy evenings. Which makes it that much more appealing to stay indoors and enjoy a good old nice cup of coffee.  Which in Seattle is a failry easy thing to do. Statistics show that Seattle is rated as the highest caffeine comsuing city in the US with 35 shops per 100.000 residents. In average, one Seattleite spends a whopping 35 dollars a month on freshly brewed coffee beans in a cup.

Is Seattle coffee the best? Tough question, but being home to the very first Starbucks and Seattle’s Best Coffee, definitely puts this westcoast city on the map for outstanding coffee.

Starbucks opened their very first coffee shop in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. The original coffee shop is still very much up and running, and on any given day you can see a line of people in and around it trying to buy a cup of coffee or a unique souvenir found only at this location. Cameras are always flashing in this tiny café, but half the fun is about getting your picture taken with the baristas making coffee.

There are a few other smaller chains around Seattle which might not be as popular, but definitely rank high in terms for their coffee and the local experience. Zoka Coffee is one of them, and it has a few locations around the Puget Sound area. A new one recently opened up in the South Lake Union neighborhood which is a quick walk from the Pan Pacific or the Westin Downtown.

If you get the chance, also give Uptown Espresso and Victrola Coffee a shot. Uptown Espresso has a location in South Lake Union, and Victrola has a couple shops in the Capitol Hill District. Capitol Hill is definitely worth visiting if you like a more hip casual scene and it has a ton of bars and small local restaurants that you can visit if you end up going.

While Starbucks can make a good cup of coffee, the smaller chains are not to be ignored. Sometimes you will find that they put in a little extra effort in making each cup of coffee. Each espresso drink gets its milk steamed separately so every cup gets topped off with all the foam generated while steaming the milk, which also means they get to make little designs on every cup. It does take a little longer, but it is so worth the short wait.

So clear your schedule and make time for a few good cups of coffee while in Seattle. You won’t be disappointed.

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