Spend a little time in San Francisco’s SOMA Neighborhood!

New concrete, well maintained city streets and sidewalks, and a host of new restaurants awaits you when in San Francisco’s happening SoMa.

This vibrant neighborhood has really sprung out over the past few years, and is today considered to be a prestigious place to live. Today, it is jammed with a host of new condo and apartment buildings, a whole host of popular restaurants, and a few not to miss attractions – including the SF Giants Baseball Stadium.

But let us skip right to the main course, because SoMa is a star when it comes to restaurants, bars and clubs. New to the neighborhood? Then this bucket list is a must read:

Victor’s Burrito: a hole in the wall burrito joint definitely worth going to. It caters mostly to the lunch time crowd so make sure you check the hours, and don’t be surprised if you find a line extending outside the restaurant!

Chat Café: a fairly casual and quick Indian Restaurant, but definitely great when you need some good Indian to hit the spot! I would recommend one of their tandoori wraps which come with various meats and tasty chutneys

South Park (between 2nd and 3rd, and Brannan and Bryant): the small oval shaped park is surrounded by a ton of great small cafés and restaurants. The place is more for lunch, so that would be the best time to go, grab a sandwich and eat it on the grass J

21st Amendment, Momo’s, Paragon, Tres Agaves, District Wine Bar, and many others similar place are great for food or drinks. Most of these places have happy hours and if Giants are playing in town, there is usually a large crowd outside the bars prepping of the game or celebrating after.

Fine dining is not a problem in SoMa, just make sure to make a reservation.

The clubbing scene is great here as well. New hotspots open up all the time, and this hood is buzzing pretty much any day of the week. Sunday and Monday can be a bit on the slower side. Most clubs are aligned on or close to Mission Street, and as long as you’re not looking for trouble, the bouncers will welcome you with open arms. All in all, you are bound to have a great night out in SF!

As for activities, SOMA recently opened a brand new bowling ally/bar called Lucky Strikes. Shopaholics will have a field day at the Westfield Mall and the Metreon Entertainment Center is perfect for movie night.

SoMa also known as South of Market, is a fairly convenient neighborhood to maneuver with the aid of public transportation. The N and T muni lines connect the neighborhood directly with the downtown core of San Francisco and the BART train system. There are tons of buses that run through, to and from the area making it fairly convenient for visitors wanting to visit. SoMa is also extremely accessible from the South Bay cities. Just hop on the Caltrain, and it will whisk you to SoMa in no time.


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